Ew. Just ew.

I have a dirty little secret. See, we’ve lived in our house for 2 years now, and the basement bathroom has always been a little bit gross. And by a little, what I really mean is a lot gross. (Hey, it’s the basement and we have a tight budget–don’t judge!) I mean, there’s the horrible radioactive green paint on the walls, which matches oh-so-fabulously with the pinkish-beige plastic tiles that are the backsplash for the sink–somebody really loved those fugly little tiles. And the formica! It’s dorky little leaves on a white background that 1970 has been calling me about wanting back for the last two years…they must’ve got my number from the last owners… 😆 Then we have the “almost” shower that is really some laminated chipboard glued to sheetrock with no caulking around the bottom so that it has rotted the walls out halfway up…..

And then, there’s this:

You’ll notice the arrow pointing to an exceptionally disgusting part. Here’s the funny thing about that though….the whole bowl right up to the water line used to look like that. I’d tried everything from Comet to Scrubbing Bubbles shower cleaner to CLR, to those copper scrubbies–nothing–and I mean nothing even fazed that weird scale-y stuff with mildew growing on it! 😯

Well, nothing until this:

This little miracle is called an Earthstone and my hubby found it at Walmart (link is for Amazon though). This little doo-dad is worth every cent and probably more. It is going to save my from buying a new toilet! Hooray! It’s muscle-aching work, but it’s coming off, which is just incredible. Who says that “green” cleaners don’t work?!

So if you have some lousy water like we do, I recommend giving this thing a try on your porcelain and maybe even your tile to get those yucky scale marks off.

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