Snow Day

Ick! The weather is lousy, so of course the basement toilet decided today was the prime day to break! 😡 Thankfully, we have an awesome hardware store here in town that came to the rescue. They have several plumbers on staff, so we got one here pretty quickly, which was good because we had to shut off the water to the entire house in order to keep things contained. 🙄 It sounds like today was the day for plumbing malfunctions though, since they were booked and not sure they could send anyone terribly soon when I placed the order to get mine fixed. But all is well now, thank goodness, and the mess was minimal (most of it from the plumber tracking snow in–but I wasn’t about to ask him to take his boots off/on when he was there to help us out!)

And since the weather outside is so lousy, so we’re hunkered down in the sewing basement to keep warm and not have to listen to the howling winds outside. It also helps that my sewing stuff is all down there to keep me busy. I’m working on Simplicity 2475, I’ve got my pieces traced off and have about half of the muslin cut out. We’ll see how it goes! Anyone else doing any snow day sewing?


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