So what is “petite” exactly?

According to Merriam-Webster, the definition of petite is: a clothing size for short women. <– The key word there being short.

Based on that definition at 5’3″, I fall squarely into the petite category, especially if you consider that I’ve got really long legs compared to women of a similar height–the part that I would shop in the petite section for (anything for the top half) definitely qualifies.

Sometimes I really just want to scream in frustration at every shop owner that sells undergarments/shapewear. No, I cannot wear the same piece of shapewear as the 6ft. tall woman that just left. But I’m not the size of a pixie either, and don’t know of all that many women who are–especially women in the market for shapewear. Heck, I’m not even a “petite plus”! I’m just an average petite, which I guess, is a group I have all to myself.

*Sigh* I’m just so annoyed, but apparently I must be in the minority, else there would be someone out there that would cater to people like me.

Sorry about the rant. Carry on.


2 thoughts on “So what is “petite” exactly?

    • I sure thought so. I mean, I realize that women (like men) do seem to be getting taller, but I still suspect that the majority are under 5’7″…for now.


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