OHMYGOD!! I finally did it! I made the perfect cinnamon roll! 😛 The cinnamon filling is just a bit gooey, the bread is super soft, dense, with just a smidge of chewiness…it was so good I think we all may have just had a cinnagasm. 😉 Now if only every batch turned out so well….we’ll have to savor these, because there’s no telling if (or when) I’ll ever be able to achieve such perfection again.

Completely unrelated, but as I type this, we’re getting snow, and it’s blowing around like crazy. The windchills make it seem like it’s -11°F, though it’s only 9°F without it our “high” is supposed to be 10°F with windchills around -18°F. 😯 I am glad I have no reason to be out on the road today, I doubt the visibility is more than a couple of yards at best. Stay warm and stay safe!


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