All day long I cut and tape, cut and tape

I’m working on a couple of Lekala patterns for my hubby’s valentine’s day present, and they are definitely an adventure! First, I forgot to download (or at least save) the images so that I would know what each pattern looks like, then after I took the time to go through and save the pictures to my Picasa account, I failed to realize that though the pattern number was shown in the uploader view, it wasn’t carried over to the saved file….so I had to go back through the site to find the patterns I was making so that I knew for sure which was which…am I convinced these are worth it? Maybe.

On the ones I downloaded (back when they offered them for free in my size), there appear to be no directions whatsoever, though maybe there’s more on the more difficult patterns, I haven’t taken the time to look actually. Anyway, here are the ones I’m cutting and taping together, cute no?

This would be out of some black “chiffon” from Hobby Lobby that I’ve had for a loooooooooong time.

And this would be made from a “simply silky” stretch charmeuse-type fabric from Jo-Ann’s that has a blue and brown butterfly print–you may or may not be able to tell that from this picture of it…

And since I have my dressform up and running, maybe I’ll even post some pictures of the finished product when I get to that point.

BTW, I plan to start doing a better job of taking pictures–this is supposed to be a kind of “journal” of my sewing projects and such, and it doesn’t do me as much good if I don’t do a good job of posting pictures. Too bad it’s such a PITA to take them, upload them, and then post them….


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