I got nothin’

Well, except for pattern pieces taped together and cut out. Yay! I can’t believe I got it finished! Finally!



I was a little unsure about how the robe pieces went together, but looking at the line drawing made it crystal clear.

One caveat, and anyone who knows differently is welcome to chime in, is that these patterns don’t include seam allowances. Or at least it doesn’t look like they do. Not a big deal, unless you don’t put them in. 😉 And you may want to test a few pages to see if they print off correctly. Parts of lines got cut off or were “floating” oddly because it didn’t seem to account for margins like I expected. Again, not a big deal, but if you are nervous about trying to fix those little inconsistencies yourself, you may want to fiddle with the page setup a bit.

I know I’m planning to do french seams on this, but I’m wondering if I could use bias tape to bind the edges of the chiffon, or if would be too heavy and I’d be better off to just use a rolled hem and call it good. I’d like to do a contrasting bias tape–maybe in a dusty blue to match my nightie? Or even bias tape made from the same fabric as the nightie? But if that won’t work, maybe I could find a similar shade of wooly nylon and get a similar (or at least “close enough”) effect….?

BTW, I’m really in love with the “schedule” feature. For example, this post was written last night, and when it pops up, I’ll be in the gym working on getting rid of my flab. 😉

Anyway, I suppose I’ll leave you with one of my favorite songs. I suppose you could say I “rediscovered” it last night. 🙂


2 thoughts on “I got nothin’

  1. I haven’t tried any Lekala patterns, so it is interesting to see how you get on. The Debbie Bliss book tells you how to knit. I had no idea how till reading the instructions and looking at the diagrams. Once I was up and running, a neighbour took a look at what I was doing and corrected my technique a little.


    • Well so far, the Lekala patterns seem well drafted, but you have to kind of know how it should go together–it doesn’t even tell you how many of each piece to cut out! I may have to check out the Debbie Bliss book, though I’m not the best at learning from a book, I need someone to get me started and ‘hover’ while I figure it out. 😉


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