Blood, sweat, & tears

You know that saying about how you worked on something so hard you invested blood, sweat, and tears? Well, I officially put the blood and tears into my project today. I’d put plenty of sweat into it over the years we’ve had the dining room table/chairs, but today it got the rest of the saying. My poor thumb. 😦

I split the top of my thumb open pretty good while trying to remove the old veneer off of the leaves. I should just throw this stupid table in the trash…I’ve had it for 4 years, moved it 4 times, and my husband is convinced that I’ll never get it finished. Perhaps I should just let him be right for a change? It’s not even that pretty of a table, though I was hoping it would be once it was all painted black with newly upholstered chairs. Plus the size was perfect for us, while it expanded enough to be perfect for entertaining as well.

Should I toss it? Or should I try to salvage it?


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