Lekala: 1, Me: 1-ish

I wonder how long it will take me to figure out when a fabric choice maybe isn’t the best before I get the pieces cut out. 😡 If you remember, I’m working on a project for hubby’s Valentine’s day present (which we are actually planning to celebrate this weekend since it was on a Monday) which are a robe thing and a nightie. The robe is a fail. 😦 Not because the pattern was bad, but because I made a poor fabric choice. 😦 I actually don’t know if the robe pattern was a fail or not, since I didn’t get far enough along to try it on. I just know that I starched the chiffon within an inch of its life, got it cut out, and it was raveling so bad that I couldn’t get my serged stitches to stay on. I’ve had this happen before, but have never figured out how to prevent it on certain fabrics–especially if they were rather cheap to start with.

Anyway, so I trashed that part of the gift, and began to work on the nightie portion. Hopefully, I’m not jinxing myself here, but so far it’s going together really nicely. The back has darts already included, and I think I’ll need to add some bust darts, but here it is in its partially finished glory.

I didn’t even try to match up the huge print, but I don’t think it would matter much either way. Ignore that the hem doesn’t line up–I’m not sure how it got quite so far off, but somewhere around the time I started “winging” the seam/hem allowances is probably where it happened. It’ll be OK, it’s not like I’m planning to wear this out in public or anything, so if it’s a bit on the short side, who cares?

I’m hoping to figure out how this tutorial for making endless bias works, because that’s what I hope to use to bind the neckline/make straps out of. I’ve tried to wrap my mind around it once and failed, but I’ve got a little more experience now, so maybe it will make more sense.

Hope everyone is having a beautiful and productive day! 🙂


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