Things that tick me off Thursday

Ah yes, another Thursday, and yet another thing that ticks me off.

Today my peeve is public bathrooms. I’ll grant that I’m not super skinny, but I don’t fall into the obese category either, and there’s nothing like whacking your elbows on the side walls because they design bathrooms for kids nowadays, skinny ones at that. Not only are the stalls claustrophobically small, but how about the massive toilet paper dispensers? You know the ones that take up half the stall? Not only do you smack your elbows on them and have to lean against the opposite wall to keep from touching them, but the designers also find it just hilarious to put the stupid things so that the part you need to get your hand to is 6 inches from the floor! 🙄 And of course the floor is wet and dirty because no one cleans or maintains them, so you have to be a magician to get the toilet paper out without it getting wet. And an acrobat too, because you have to be able to maintain your “stance” while simultaneously reaching down between the dispenser and the toilet to the floor and back up a bit to the dispenser so that you can collect enough paper (one sheet at a time) to wipe with.

So then, after all that hassle, you come out, do the magic hand dance to get the “touch free” faucet to come on only to find that there’s no soap. So you roll your eyes and groan before walking over and waving repeatedly at the paper towel dispenser. After about the 4th wave, you realize that they don’t have any paper towels so you get to use those lousy “air dryers” instead. Usually by this point though, I’m pissed enough that I just wipe my hands on my jeans and tell a store employee (for all the good that does 🙄 ) to take care of the bathrooms. Thank goodness for hand sanitizer, I guess.


One thought on “Things that tick me off Thursday

  1. Too funny! Don’t we all feel the same! I usually bump my hips into things rather than my elbows. Even worse. I hate air dryers. I never feel clean after them.

    Regarding the shopper, I imagine you could line it with insulation. I’m not sure what you’d use. Insulbright maybe? I didn’t even interface mine. I just wanted it to be as slouchy and light weight as possible.


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