Lekala V-Day Present Wrap-up

Sorry it’s taken me so long to post about this, I’m not sure what the holdup was. 😳

In case I haven’t mentioned it, this quasi-review is for Lekala 5785, you can get it from the website here under “nightshirt”, but you can’t actually search for the pattern by it’s number. It’s definitely an interesting site to navigate, but their stuff is super cute.

A few notes:
1) Don’t try to do your first time of bias binding on a pattern with no directions when using a slippery charmeuse. It’s just not smart.

2) Making self-fabric bias tape is hard, unless you are using something a little less slippery and a lot more stable, but don’t try to cheat by using iron on hem tape–it makes the binding too thick to flex and fold properly.

3) Pay attention to how you flex the bias tape if you plan to make it a mostly continuous piece for binding and straps like I did. I think I should have went from the underarm seams, instead of a circle that made the shoulder straps and the binding for the front/back neckline all in one piece, because the straps seem like they want to slide off my shoulders.

4) I used this project as a practice run for my narrow-hem foot. The good news? I’m getting a lot better. The bad news? I haven’t figured out how to end the seam without the weird pokey where the fabric stretched as I sewed.

5) Sometimes, I’m not as smart at making up directions as I go as I think I am.

6) If you want the faux bows on the side, you’ll need to cut the bow pieces significantly wider than the pattern pieces–add at least an inch–and that’s on top of the addition of seam allowances. I didn’t do this, and therefore couldn’t do the bows and had to just leave the straps, which gives it a bit of an edgy industrial look or something. Think 5th Element. (Be aware that is a video link.)

7) I don’t know what was going on with my sewing machine, but the top stitches looked fine and looked like a hot mess on the bobbin side. I figured it would be OK for the whole hour worth of wear that it’ll get in it’s lifetime. 😉

All in all, I would say while not for the absolute beginner, it’s a good pattern. Just be aware of the bow thing and the lack of seam allowances, and you shouldn’t have too much trouble figuring it out. Most of the problems I had with it were kind of self-inflicted, so I don’t hold that against the pattern. In fact, I kind of think I’d like to make it again in some lightweight rib knit–wouldn’t be as drapey, but would be super comfy for sleeping I think.

So, to the pictures!

Front view:

Side view: (sorry it’s from before it was finished, forgot to get a new one, but it still looks the same–except with the shoulder straps you see in the top picture.)


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