Sewing project from hell

The bane on my existence that has wrecked my sewing machine is finished. It’s a project you may not even understand; heck I don’t even really understand part of it. It sounded simple enough (don’t they always?), but quickly turned out to be deceptive. All I needed to do was make some tubes to fit over poles and then some square pieces of cotton to make flags out of.

Here’s the pile of flags and tubes:

Your eyes don’t deceive you, those are tubes made of red vinyl. I chose it because I thought “these tubes will be used for pole bending, and therefore will probably hit the wet sand of the arena and be of indeterminate color very quickly, thus defeating the purpose of the red tubes.” As it turns out, my sewing machine hates red vinyl. It protested, it balked, it made a mess of the vinyl, but sheer stubbornness got me through it. Here’s a pretend action shot.

So before you ask, NO, I absolutely will NOT make another set of these. Not even for the Pope.


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