The Sewing Machine Whisperer part 2

Remember how I said the other day that I met the sewing machine whisperer? Yeah, she’s definitely awesome. When I picked up Tabby yesterday, I also took my other machine over to see her (because she told me to). I’ve had problems with the buttonholes coming out fugly since I bought Percy a couple of years ago. I’d sent it to the dealer several times, and they always said that they’d done all they could, I’d just have to live with it/use wash away stabilizer/it was all in my head/etc. Maybe not in those exact words, but pretty much. Now, I’m not saying that the service at my dealer is less than stellar, because for the most part (the buttonhole issue being the exception) the service was fabulous.

However, the “whisperer” made it look like magic! This gal took one look at the finished buttonhole, broke out her screwdriver, pulled the accessory tray off the front, and fiddled with the balancing screw on the side, and after a couple of tries, voila! *nearly* perfect buttonholes. She said she could try it again, but I thought it was imperceptibly close, and didn’t think it was worth messing up near perfection over something that you wouldn’t notice unless you were entirely too close to a member of my family. Before, they were such a mess that you could see them from a distance, now you’d never know unless you were like 2 inches away. Yay!

The only bad news I got is that Tabby is a smidgen out of time. The needle isn’t hitting directly in the center of the hole, it’s just barely to the back, which makes her click when she sews (which I thought was just a fact of life), even though she still makes nice stitches. The “whisperer” told me that I could probably use her if I wanted, as long as she didn’t snap any needles. She still recommended that I take it somewhere to get the timing fixed though. I plan to try and finish up my jeans before I take her to get the timing fixed, since I was hoping to have it set up to do the topstitching instead of switching out the thread on Percy all the time. We’ll see how that works out.


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