I love free stuff!

This week there has been no sewing, and not too much more cooking because we are doing a project. A very LARGE project. As other seamstresses can possibly relate, my sewing area is typically a complete mess. Right now we’re doing major basement cleanup though, so it’s all going neatly away. There are still a few pieces of fabric out (I don’t have enough storage in my fabric dresser for all of it!), but for the most part it’s pretty clean and neat. And there’s an excellent reason for that.

See, my sewing space has pretty much taken over a good-sized chunk of the big room in the basement (which is half the size of the house! :oops:) as well as the 10×10 “nonconforming bedroom” that was designated as a sewing room/guest room. But times are a changin’. See, my neighbor got their carpet replaced under warranty because it had a couple of wear spots in it after 2 years, and they kept the stuff they ripped out because her sister said that she wanted it. The sister then decided she didn’t want it, and so my neighbor has been storing the carpet in her basement “nonconforming bedroom” for almost a year. When she put new carpet in her basement a couple of weeks ago, we went over to check it out and she showed me the rolls of old carpet and said she was going to put it on Craigslist to get rid of it so that they could store their toddler son’s toys in that room. I thought “ah-ha!” and told her that after checking with my husband we’d probably want it.

We thought it would work fabulous for our basement even though it’s a thicker “modern shag” than what we would have chosen to put down there if we were paying for it. We figured for the price (free!) it would work just fine for our largely under-utilized basement space to cut down on the echo that we have from having tile floors and painted concrete walls. So currently we’re working on getting rid of stuff and moving everything else into my sewing room in preparation for putting down the carpet. Who knows? Maybe we’ll find ourselves spending more time down there (especially in the summer when it’s hot outside) as a family if it’s a comfortable place to visit. 🙂 Yay!

We’re also going to build some wall shelving for me to store my fabric on so that I can move my cutting table into the sewing room. Right now I have one of those short, wide dressers with 6 drawers and doors in the center holding most of it, but it takes up a whole wall in the sewing room, and makes it hard to arrange things so that everything fits in that one room. So we’ll be posting stuff on Craigslist or making a trip to Goodwill in the near future, and we’ll also probably rent a second dumpster for the next couple of weeks.

So after this novella, I’m going to head for bed. Hope ya’ll have a great rest of the week.


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