Things that tick me off Thursday

A tip for anyone going to college these days. Don’t do your student loans through Sallie Mae. Why? Because there’s a really good chance the loans will be bought by the Department of Education and then they’ll turn into a fucked up royal nightmare. You’ll get to call them every couple of months to try and fix their screwups, go through tons of downloaded emails, go through a 15 minute process every time you want to talk to someone, and then? IT WILL STILL NOT BE FIXED!! 😡 Can you tell I’m pissed?

The loans that Sallie Mae owns though? They are fine. The call-in system is still tedious (it’s the same as the DOE one), and you still get those annoying messages via email that you have to log in and then download (WTF?!), but as a whole they seem to have less issues with their own loans, so you don’t really need to call in and fix stuff. They’re just WAY too eager to sell the loans to the DOE for me to recommend them anymore. 😦


One thought on “Things that tick me off Thursday

  1. Sorry about the student loan aggravations. I had them until I finally paid mine off. What a mess!

    Anyway, I have a hotpatterns weekender sunshine pattern that is very similar to your quicksew suggestion. So, I am thinking about it. I might want a long-sleeved top because the summers can be cool here in Merry Olde England.


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