Woodwork for the sewing room

I posted some “plans” the other day for the new shelving unit that is going into my sewing room. Today, I picked up the lumber, cut the boards, put wood filler in all but two of them (I ran out after the stores all closed @ noon… :-(), and sanded all the ones that got the wood filler. I’ve been taking extra care with sanding these even though I’m painting them, because I don’t want them to snag any fabric.

After church tomorrow, maybe we’ll go to the city and get some more wood filler and some primer from big Blue or big Orange. Then I’ll get to try out my new toy–a LVLP spray gun! I got a cheap one last fall to use to paint some bookcases I was building; sadly, I never got to paint them because it got too cold too quickly. šŸ˜¦ So now, as soon as I finish filling/sanding/screwing together the shelves for my fabric wall, I’m going to prime and paint both bookcases and the fabric wall pieces.

Oh yeah, and about that basement family room? It’s already being put to good use. The kiddo and I played several rounds of basketball yesterday using his basketball goal that’s down there. So fun! šŸ™‚

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