Quick Update

I have internet again! Woot-woot! We went over on our allotted bandwidth last month, so had to go internet-free for a few days, but it reset last night, thank goodness. Unfortunately, with Easter coming up this weekend I won’t have much time to catch up on all the blogs that I adore or the who-knows-how-many emails that I’ve got piled up.

During the interruption in internet service, I did get some sewing done though, and I’m pretty excited. I have a brand new ironing board cover (which I’ll never make one again–they are such a PITA to make, IMHO) that I made using the tutorial here. I love the end result though. I have the batting layer independent from the cover so that I can easily wash the cover and not wash the batting if it doesn’t need it, so that it will hopefully last longer.

Right now I’m working on another version of KS 3593, this time the nearly sleeveless version in a really cool knit that incorporates some of my favorite prints–paisley and animal spots. You’ll have to see it to fully understand. šŸ˜‰ I hope to have it done in time to wear for Easter with my IL’s on Saturday, which shouldn’t be too much of a stretch. It’s cut out, and I have sewn together the collar pieces, which is the most time consuming part since there isn’t nearly as much gathering on this view.

Anyway, I had better get to work, since I’m also hoping to quickly sew up a bra to wear under the new shirt before Easter as well. Light colored shirts + black bras = not flattering.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter weekend, and I swear I’ll have pictures to post soon….right after I find the silly cable to connect my camera to the computer. šŸ˜” I think that thing needs some sort of tracking device, it’s WAYYYYYYYYYYY too easy to lose! šŸ˜³


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