The backyard project

While we were internet-less, several things were started (and some were even accomplished!) one of which was the back yard by the patio. We’ve got this really great space out back for grilling and entertaining, but it’s so ugly that we kind of want to hide it from the world. It’s kind of weedy, the veggie garden is back there, and there’s not just a ton of grass. Unfortunately, there’s only one thing I can currently do anything about, so I did.

Those cement blocks are gone and there’s a trench dug (by hand) along the concrete for some edging. I just have to find some that I like that won’t cost a fortune or require chopping concrete. 😐 I’m thinking something scalloped with just a concrete color–our funky shade of brick clashes with just about every color known to man. I want it to be kind of eye-catching too. Once I get the edging in, I’ve got some mulch to put in there to help hold the moisture in. 🙂

And then there’s this mess. 😳 I’m kind of embarrassed to show this one. I guess though, I’m pretty sure I did warn about the weeds. I hoed it up and now it’s just bare dirt, and soon we’re hoping to reset the bricks underneath the spigots (yeah, there’s two right there–looks weird, but it’s oddly handy). You can see kind of on the other side of the A/C unit where we planted some groundcover, we’re slowly shifting some of those around, because the Creeping Jenny is apparently VERY happy there and pretty much taking over the whole space, choking out the phlox, lamia, and dianthus–the latter of which we moved to the other side of the porch and you can see it in the first picture. Hopefully it survives the move and begins to thrive. I think I’m just going to put some gravel down behind the A/C unit, and we’re thinking some of that expensive grass seed for “tough areas” between the gravel and the brick, as well as along the yard where there’s just weeds right now.


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