Which is faster?

Finally went to the sewing room today, since I was kid-free for a few hours. (Woot-woot!) Sadly, I made rather pitiful progress on the bras. I only managed to get two seams on each bra sewn up for a grand total of 6 seams. And some fusing….and a really cool session of playing with the lighter. I’d noticed that my underwires kept coming through even the twill tape, so I decided to do some experimentation. I took the (non-sewing) scissors and cut part of the tip off of an underwire, and then held it over the sink while I melted the plastic to smooth it out and bead it up a bit. I think it will work nicely. 🙂

Anyway, as long as it took me to get that stuff done, I’ve been wondering if it’s faster to do similar parts together (like I’m currently doing) or just make each bra independently. I can’t tell that I’ve really saved a lot of time either way. 😐 I suppose I’ll probably just keep plowing through like I am right now, but I’m definitely going to pay attention for next time.


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