Bookshelves in action!

This is the crappier one of the two bookshelves that I made forever ago and never could seem to get painted. You’ll notice in the second picture all the little holes–those are adjusters so that each shelf can be set at the perfect height. I drilled every one of those individually with a crappy drill bit, a cordless drill, a (really) steady hand, and a lot of time spent making all the little measurements “just so”. We’re talking precision, people!! For its fraternal twin, I got a spiffy new Forstner bit that made perfect holes and while I still did each hole individually with a steady hand and my cordless drill, I created a jig that in hindsight, probably didn’t save as much time as I’d hoped. I also spaced the holes 2″ apart instead of the 1″ that I used for the first shelf. Live and learn, eh?

Oh, and I’m totally expecting this shelf to be a disaster in….oh….3 days, give or take a couple of days. 😉

All pretty for the picture...

Precision, I tell you!

BTW, there’s actually 3 adjustable shelves for each bookshelf. I just didn’t have the final shelf inserted when these pictures were taken. Guess I kind of jumped the gun a bit. Oh well.

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