Wishing you a FABULOUS Father’s Day!

One of my peeps behind-the-scenes in my wonderful husband. I was blessed with a man who isn’t scared to be a father–and a GREAT one at that. It’s sad these days that so few children seem to have a great father in their lives, and in that regard, we’ve truly been blessed. I have a wonderful father of my own, a wonderful father-in-law, and a husband who proves every day that he is more than worthy of the title “Dad”.

Here’s hoping that each and every father has a fabulous day of celebration.

Anyway, I should probably move on from the sappy stuff. Hubby is likely to read this, and he’s not much for sappy stuff–or so he claims. 😉 For his day I made a golf shirt (pics to come later, we forgot it in the in-laws combine last night :oops:) from Jalie 963, view A. Here’s the very 90’s-y looking picture of it. (Jalie patterns are ranged from Toddler to “Whoa Big Daddy!” all in the same envelope, so ignore the fact that there’s only kids on the picture). Review of the pattern later.

For his special breakfast he got pancakes, bacon, and scrambled eggs. He also got Chalupas (recipe here) for lunch, because he loves Mexican-style food. I even made some “beignets” with some of the chalupa dough for dessert, which turned out really good. 🙂 I think we’ll just have something light for supper after all of that though, because we’ve eaten way more calories than we’ll end up burning, I’m sure. 😛

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