Attempting a knockoff pt 1

Yesterday I decided to give something new a try. I’ve never attempted to knockoff a designer before, so who knows how this little experiment will come out, but I wanted to give it a shot.

A while back I found this shirt on Bluefly, and fell in some serious love. The design is pretty, the color is gorgeous, and even better, I thought I maybe had the patterns to not be totally on my own in knocking it off. The thing I didn’t like about it? The price tag–$45 seems ridiculous for a glorified t-shirt.

*sigh* Beautiful, eh?

So, since I had recently finished a couple of projects that looked like they could easily be morphed into this finished result, I thought I’d see if my idea matched up with reality.

Here’s my tracing so far.

If it works, it’ll be made in a luscious royal purple rayon that is basically the same fabric is my Butterick 5497 and the green Kwik Sew shirt I made a while back.

Wish me luck!


3 thoughts on “Attempting a knockoff pt 1

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