UFO Roundup

I cleaned the sewing room a couple days ago, and found some projects that were unfinished. My attention span is probably smaller than that of a a two-year old, so I have a couple. To get them out of my way, I decided that I should go ahead and finish them, so I’m doing a series of roundup posts to help keep me focused and get them finished.

First up: Butterick 5284. I started it a while back, but never got past the stage you see it in on that post. 😳 This is mostly because I had lost a piece somewhere in my messy sewing room, and I happened to find it during the cleanup. Currently, the bodice is sewn together, the sleeves are ease-stitched and ready to be put in as soon as I finish the cuffs.

Second up: Vogue 1152, the designer pattern. It’s been relocated several times to get it out of the way–first the floor of my bedroom, then in various in-the-way places in my sewing room. I doubt it will fit when I get done (I’m certain it’ll be too short), but I imagine that someone else will love it when they see it at Goodwill. Of course, I could be pleasantly surprised that it works out perfectly, it’s happened before…just not usually to me. 😉

Third: My designer knockoff. I’ve had the pattern drawn up, I just never cut into the fabric, so it’s technically not a UFO per se.

Lastly: (OMG! There’s actually 4 UFO’s!) Is a Burda pattern that I have traced off and ready to rock, but again, I hadn’t cut into the fabric as yet.

Well, that’s all of them for now, unless I find something else that needs doing that I’m not remembering. 🙂 If you’re part of SG, you can participate on there too. 🙂


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