3 years ago (or somewhere thereabouts), a young family purchased their very first home. It was a nice enough place, not too big, not too small, and had fewer issues than many others in their price range. It also had several big beautiful trees. One of these trees turned out to be an apple tree, which in spring made their yard look like something out of a fairytale with the gentle morning sunlight and the softly falling apple blossoms floating in the breeze and covering the thick green grass. The tree was massive, taller than the house itself, and became covered with apples.

But, that is where the fairytale ends and reality begins. Yes the tree is huge, and yes, it’s probably one of the most beautiful things you’ve ever seen on a spring morning, but the apples….well, they look like they are more out of a horror story. MacIntosh apples are delicious, but they are UGLY. They have serious issues with something called scab–which while ugly–is only skin deep (thankfully). And an apple tree makes way more apples than it can actually support, so it’s constantly dropping them on the ground (which the lawn mower doesn’t like if you miss picking one up–can you guess how I know?) And did you know that squirrels and rabbits also love apples? And that squirrels can eat apples while they are still on the tree? True story.

Anyway, the apples are becoming ripe, so yesterday we peeled, cut out bad spots (stupid squirrels and worms!), boiled, and ran through a food mill what seemed like a ton of apples. Turns out we only had about 3 quarts worth. Oh well. There’s still more apples to come, and those will be the 3 most delicious quarts of applesauce ever. Until we get the next 3 quarts, that is. 😉

*Note: I know that there are products to prevent or minimize scab, worms, and stuff, but we don’t do that. It gets fertilizer and water. We prefer the natural way, it’s cheaper and easier. And if you know nothing else about us by now, you surely know that we are cheap and easy lazy. 😉


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