Things that tick me off Thursday

Hello again! It’s Thursday already, can you believe it?! And I’ve got another thing that ticks me off. If you know me well, this isn’t a surprise, but, that’s how I roll.

This time my peeve is about wool coatings. See, last year, I bought this really adorable coat pattern from Collette, called the Lady Grey. There was a sew along, many people were just as enamored as I am, and well, let’s face it–it’s cold in the winter where I live. Oh sure, it’s hot here now, but soon enough it’ll be frigid.

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes. The wool coatings. Apparently, there is some sort of crazed conspiracy to keep people depressed during the cold months by forcing them to wear drab colored coats. This also–as you might imagine–prevents them from being easily seen should they encounter an unfortunate accident during those coat-wearing months. I mean really, what if it’s a dreadfully cold and foggy day, the snow is on it’s way, and you fall down a ravine? Who is going to see you in your “earth-toned” coat? (To be clear, “earth toned” means the color of dirt. Brown. Or that slightly reddish color that Oklahoma and southern Kansas is famous for, perhaps Texas too, though I wouldn’t know from experience.) Or perhaps something happens in a forest? (We don’t have any here, but I’m told that such things really do exist.) How will you be spotted if you are sporting a coat the color of the leaves on the ground?

Oh sure, you could break down and buy some plaid coating, but those tend towards either drab (see above) or crazy lady.** Of which I am neither. I hope.  I’m more in the market for something in teal, emerald, sapphire, amethyst, or some other jewel tone that is NOT a yellow of any sort. (Yellow makes me look and feel like a sickly banana.) I want some color in my life! Something to help improve my mood during the winter, not make me look as dark and broody as I feel!

OK, rant over. You may now go back to your regularly scheduled blog reading. Have a great day! 🙂

** I guess there is also Tartans, but while I’m of some Scottish descent it’s pretty watered down and/or clan-less. Besides, my surname is decidedly German…rather like my nearly purebred husband, it would just feel awkward, ya know?

4 thoughts on “Things that tick me off Thursday

  1. You are so right- it’s like my Mother is the buyer for the wool industry adn all must be sturdy and drab- so it will last for years- my Mother believed that bright colors are cheap and fade faster?! Where does Blair Waldorf get all those fabulous coats in non-organic shades?


  2. Finding good coating is tricky! I was pretty happy to be able to make my Lady Grey in red, but it was not a particularly high quality fabric (“boiled wool camry” that was about 30% wool). I know I saw some good ones online, though, if you’re up for ordering…


    • It’s not so much that I’m opposed to ordering, it’s just that I haven’t really seen much–even online. Or at least not at any of the stores I stalk. I’ll keep looking I guess, and then make sure to order a swatch before I get too excited.


  3. OMG you have a wonderful sense of humour and a wicked tongue! But totally agree with you, where are the bright colors that would nourish our souls? Actually I think it’s the consumers’ faults as wool dyes beautifully. Over the years what sells in winter coats is black, navy blue, dark grey, motley brown, yep drab depressing colors. I live in snow country (not too many trees). Once the snow starts, they start putting “stuff” on the highway to make travel safer. Said stuff mixes with whatever is on the road and splases on cars and eventually transfers as ugly, un-removable dark grey stains on exterior clothing. Sigh, we end up prefering something that at least will look new the first season and so end up buying black, navy blue, dark…….


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