Never again!

Today I was looking through my fabric stash looking for something (muslin maybe?) and happened upon the fabric that I had used for my son’s quilt backing. That got me to thinking about the quilt itself, which was sitting, unloved and unfinished, on the basement couch under a pile of stuff for Goodwill. So, I thought since I’m doing a UFO roundup that I should probably include that quilt in the challenge.

After ripping the entire binding off, I sat down and started trying to figure out how to do the binding correctly this time and I was reminded of why the project was set aside to begin with. I will never again make a quilt. I’d rather listen to an entire symphony of nails on a chalkboard than make another quilt. Some people seem to think that since I like to sew, obviously I’ll love quilting. That assumption is so far off base it’s probably on another planet…like Neptune, since they decided (I think) that Pluto wasn’t actually a planet. Seriously, I don’t know how people sit through the tedious boredom that comprises cutting itty bitty pieces of fabric and then sewing them back together again, but that’s not the worst part. It’s the quilting itself! Argh! All that finagling, and I only stitched in the ditch on a twin sized quilt! I couldn’t imagine trying to make a Queen or King sized one with all that drunken wandering stitch–stippling, I think it’s called?

So yeah. Never again. And no offense to quilters–ya’ll must have the patience of saints. I don’t know how you do it. I just know that it’s not for me. If I ever try quilting again, it’s not going to be anything bigger than a placemat. And that will probably be a one of a kind…since I don’t forsee myself making 4 of them.


5 thoughts on “Never again!

  1. Loved your post. Laughed like a crazy woman here! I too, sew. Pretty much anything. My quilting experience is limited to what our family affectionately calls “ugly blankets”.

    I save my scraps from the sewing room, cutting them into 8″ squares right away, and then they go in like bins. When I need another blanket, kids start feeding me & the machine, as we make up strips. Fabric can go right side, or wrong side out……. Kids match up the strips and then they get sewn into the quilt top. Ours are just tied the old fashioned way….once we have an old blanket in the middle and a thrift shop sheet on the back side.

    Since our house sees a ton of kids go through here (been a foster since the 70’s) we have made our share of these. But, true quilting, it’s not! I’d never have the patience to cut something up, just to sew it back together!

    Still enjoying your one of a kind placemat! 🙂


    • Oh this quilt is definitely ugly. It’s not just because it’s not finished that there’s no pictures here. 😉 I think it’s what they call a “scrap” quilt, and it’s made from just that…scraps of this and that people gave to me because I “sew so I must love quilting”. It’s OK though, I’d never have known if I hadn’t tried it.


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