The Alpha & Omega of my quilting career

It’s finished. Praise the Lord! It only took like 2 or 3 years, but I finally completed my first and last quilt. I even took some pictures of it, as proof to you non-believers out there.

If you decide to make your own quilt, I do have a couple of pointers for you. 1) Don’t even think about making mitered corners on your first quilt. Learn from my mistake. 2) Binding is a bitch. I ended up wrapping the back border around to the front to make the binding, and it was a royal pain in the ass to get the corners to match up perfectly, because–natch–I did miters on the back too. 3) Don’t do the alternating corners thing, because then if your miters aren’t perfect it REALLY stands out. Unless you do perfect miters on the first try, in which case I hate you. Oh yeah, 4) test your blanket stitch to see where it goes width-wise, and also that it’s going the direction you need it to…you’ll see what I mean.

So, on to more happy subjects. I made some more burp rags today, and it occured to me that I’d never taken any pictures of the ones I’ve made previously. So, on my 5th batch or so, I’m finally getting around to it. Aren’t they cute? If only the diapers weren’t so hard to find locally, or expensive to purchase online. 😦

That’s all I’ve got for now, except a couple of extremely dirty machines that I promised to give the spa treatment tomorrow if they held out through the diaper project. I could tell Persephone wasn’t happy about it, but she trudged through. Every time I changed thread colors I cringed at the lint…


4 thoughts on “The Alpha & Omega of my quilting career

  1. It’s lovely! And your mitres look perfect! Making quilts is fun, but it does get expensive. I am beginning to think about making new mom’s bib’s instead of quilts to save on the fabric and wading costs!


    • Thanks. 🙂 My son likes it, and that’s what’s important. It’s definitely not a cheap hobby for sure. I had some of the fabric as scraps from other things/stuff people gave me, and this still wasn’t a cheap quilt to make–my time excluded. So yeah, I can see why you’d want to make the change.


  2. Adorable quilt. That’s great that your son likes it. It will be one of those things he nostalgically thinks about when he’s older.

    “Unless you do perfect miters on the first try, in which case I hate you.” <– That made me laugh. I haven't given miters a shot yet. They seem a bit scary but well worth the effort. Yours look beautiful


    • Thanks! And thanks for the compliment on the miters. They’re probably a bit easier if you have ever done a binding before, but I hadn’t, and I think I just kind of got in over my head.


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