Have you checked out Pepperberry?

No sewing going on here, though I plan to finish my son’s costume tomorrow (keep your fingers/toes/eyes crossed). In the meantime, I found something that absolutely piqued my interest.

I’ve gotten the Bravissimo catalog and their emails for a while, and sometime a while back they started their own clothing line called Pepperberry. It goes without saying that their bras are gorgeous, (and remarkably affordable!) and they seem to have carried that over to the Pepperberry side of things. In fact, I found this jewel that is, unfortunately, sold out in most sizes. I totally want to knock this off. I mean look how gorgeous it is! Even in a plain grey!

Look at those details! It flatters the larger chest! It has a potential to hide tummy bulges! It’s got an empire waistline! So yeah….if anyone knows of a pattern with those details–I’d love to know about it, because my drafting/knockoff skillz are non-existent. 😦 And I want about 4 of these in different colors…. 😉

Until next time, happy sewing! 🙂


6 thoughts on “Have you checked out Pepperberry?

  1. Wowza, that is hawt! Also that model’s figure is astonishing, but anyway.

    The style lines remind me a bit of http://www.simplicity.com/p-1559-misses-tops.aspx except for, y’know, how amazingly awesome the top you’re showing is. The simplicity one’s cute, mind you (Patty the Snug Bug has some great versions) but not quite the same… zing. Hmm.

    Mena does a “make that look” feature over at The Sew Weekly where she takes a piece (usually a Modcloth or Anthropologie dress) and finds a similar pattern and fabric (she doesn’t actually make it up, just gives the info)… maybe you could email her. 🙂


    • Yeah, I thought so too. 🙂 I mean, I don’t have her figure, but I thought I could still probably pull it off. 😉 It’s kind of sad, but I didn’t even think of that Simplicity pattern since it wasn’t for knits, I even have it in the stash.

      I’ll see if I can find an email addy for Mena and see what she thinks. Thanks for the tip.


  2. Hullo again! Have you seen this pattern by BurdaStyle – they call it the ‘Empire Top (Plus Size) 09/2012 #143’? (Link to image: http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7117/7826874712_2ef547e584_o.jpg) On this page: http://www.burdastyle.com/blog/everyday-equestrian-8-new-plus-size-patterns I bet it would work in knits to make a good knock off of the Pepperberry top (might need to remoev sme excess ease as the Burda pattern is for a woven, or go down 1/2 sizes??). If you don’t have the magazine I can trace off the size you need + post it to you if you like 🙂 unless you fancy downloading it from them – they’re costing it at $5.40.


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