Halloween Sewing

Halloween is probably my favorite holiday, because it’s fun, requires no major travel, you get to dress up, and did I mention it was fun? As I’ve done *nearly* every year, I made my son’s costume because not only is it hard to find things that fit him, but every year I look through the racks at boy’s costumes and am dismayed at not only the selection and price, but the quality (or serious lack thereof) as well. Seriously? Gah! Why do people buy this crap? I know it’s not because it’s affordable.

But, I digress….sorry. So this year, I found a nifty blog called The Train To Crazy (which I ❀ that blog name, seriously), and found several really cute handmade Halloween costume options. The one I chose was the Dinosaur Tail one that my son chose out of all the (boy) options here. I made his tail out of a green felt from Hobby Lobby, with yellow felt spikes. Sadly, that was the easy part. The hard part was finding a hoodie–who knew?! We looked at no less than 5 stores for a dark green hoodie so that I could sew a couple more yellow spikes to it to make the complete costume. 😦 We did finally find one, even though it had a stupid faux team logo on it (why do they do this?!) that was a similar shade of hunter green. I like using hoodies in the costumes because I can just baste/pin the pieces to it, and after Halloween is over I can remove them so that he can just wear the hoodie. Yeah, I’m a cheapskate like that, but it works out really well. I’ll be sure to get some pictures tonight, because right now he’s wearing it at school and I don’t have any pictures yet….probably because I was finishing it up last night–shhhhh! Don’t judge.

Edited to add the picture! πŸ™‚

Well, that’s all I have for now, I’ll put up another post with pictures or edit this one to add them later this evening or tomorrow. Hope you have a happy Halloween! πŸ™‚


3 thoughts on “Halloween Sewing

  1. I like the idea of hoodies for costumes. Kids grow so fast that it makes a lot of sense to start with warm clothing they can use after Halloween.

    I’m happy to put time into one aspect of a costume, particulary if it can be reused or repurposed. Like my cape, I’ll get years of use out of that and it’s always going to fit until I use stilts.

    I think my favourite costume was the Blue Fairy. My mom had nighties that were layers of sheer polyester and it was probably knee length on her but it fit over my coat (I do live in Canada, this is part of Halloween prep) and hit my ankle/mid calf when I was 8 or so.


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