The Great Sewing Room Cleanup

Woo. [/sarcasm] It’s that time of year again, the sewing area must be cleaned. My fabric haul from a couple of weeks ago still isn’t put away, I had pulled some denim off the shelf and pre-washed it (also a couple of weeks ago) and it’s wadded up in a pile on the chair, my spiffy new rivets are still in their envelope somewhere in the pile on my cutting table, and I have a pile of muslin on the floor that I really need to figure out what to do with….

Basically what I’m saying is, there can be no sewing until I have space to do it. Pray that I don’t suffocate under a fabric avalanche whilst trying to get organized.

Oh! And today, we brought home three new plants to stash around the house. We now have a Croton named “Flame” (my name for it, not a species name), a Gold Dust Dracenia named “Spot” (again, my name for it), and a Kalanchoe “Ingrid” (and that is the variety name). Ingrid is in the sewing room window, Spot is in the main room, and Flame is in our bedroom. May they live long happy lives, even if that means I am not allowed to even look at them.

7 thoughts on “The Great Sewing Room Cleanup

  1. I feel your cleaning pain, the gigantir box from my new machines is still taking up prime real estate in my sewing room- just can’t seem to throw it out, but I curse it eveytime I’m in there!


    • I still have the boxes from my sewing machine and serger, and I just stuffed them in the mechanical room so that they can keep the furnace and water heater company. At some point they’ll probably be used for a gift, but so far we haven’t needed a box that big. Can you stuff them under your cutting table? Or your mechanical room?


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