My First Earthquake

And I pretty much missed it. Stupid wobbly sewing chair! I guess that Oklahoma had a 5.6 (or thereabouts) earthquake last night, and it was felt in Kansas and Texas too. My hubby said it felt like somebody shaking his chair, and it made the pull chains on the fan and some of my rulers on the pegboard swing. I wonder if there would have been any doubt if we’d have been upstairs instead of in the basement, since I’ve heard people talk about walls swaying and pictures moving from people north of us yet. I wonder if there will be aftershocks and how long it will be before they arrive?

Such a weird thing to happen here. Be safe everyone!

3 thoughts on “My First Earthquake

    • I’m thinking we must have slept through the aftershocks, since we didn’t notice any yesterday. Or maybe we were just far enough away that there weren’t any, since I don’t actually know very much about quakes in general. Saw some of the damage at the epicenter on the news, and for such a small quake it was pretty significant.


  1. Even so, yikes! The closest I’ve come to experiencing an earthquake was one day when I was a teenager. I was home alone doing some schoolwork, the house was incredibly quiet, when all of a sudden the glass in the windows shivered—just a tiny little shake. I probably would have thought I imagined it, but a few seconds later it happened again, and then again, and then again.

    I learned at school that week that the Canadian army had just destroyed (by detonating) all of its stockpile of landmines. The vibrations had come all the way from the army base outside of town.

    Earthquakes, one of those natural disasters I think I’ll skip. Gimme a blizzard and -40 weather any day. 😉


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