Vogue 8670 again

Today I made another version of Vogue 8670, this time in a purple-y animal print. I really love this fabric, and after wearing my grey version the other day, I thought I’d really like to have another version of this particular shirt. I did the neckline exactly the same way, because I liked it so much on the first one, though now that it’s finished I kind of wish on this one I’d have used a bigger collar instead. Oh well. And for the record? I’m still not sure why this pattern gets no respect. I think it is probably on it’s way to TNT status for me.

Are you grumbling about a lack of picture? Well, no worries, I’m already on top of that. 😉

I don’t actually know what’s up next. I’m thinking I’d like to make up some lingerie for myself, but there’s also this pesky gift-exchanging holiday coming up where you have to give stuff to other people, and I suppose I’ll probably make a couple of things for that as well. Not too many though, since I’ve discovered that I’m a bit thin-skinned about how people accept the stuff I put a lot of work into. 😳 I thought I had an idea for my SIL (a nightie, since she lives in the dorms), but my MIL suggests that perhaps Burda’s 11/2009 #134 may not be modest enough. So, I’m not sure what to do on that front.

6 thoughts on “Vogue 8670 again

  1. Chiming in a little late here, but as someone who lives in dorms, a bathrobe can be super useful for quick and easy modesty when going to the bathroom or shower. And bathrobes that don’t scream 40 year old mother are hard to find (at least as far as I know).


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