SWAP 2012

I’m joining the SWAP 2012 at Stitcher’s Guild, which starts on December 26 and goes through April 30. The plan for this year is to mostly sew TNT’s with an emphasis on wardrobe staples–which coincides neatly with the things that I need anyway. So here’s my plan, I’m working on some little storyboards, so I’ll try to post an update with those later (assuming I can figure out how they work :oops:).

  • Burda JJ Blouse (x2)
  • Jalie 2562 (x2)
  • Jalie 2908 (x2)
  • Trousers (x2, pattern undecided)
  • Simplicity 2451 and 2556 in the same fabric (sort of like a suit)
  • Vogue 8670 (I’m thinking as another sweater, but maybe not.)

As an extra little twist, at least 8 of these garments are going to be made from stash…

Questions? Comments? Leave 'em below!

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