Can I eat my words?

A long time ago, I said that I didn’t think that I would ever wear a cape–not because I don’t think they are incredibly awesome and sexy–but because they aren’t practical, they don’t blend in with local fashion, blah, blah. And, all those things are still true. But now I have to eat my words, because I found this:

I lurve the pink one, and could see myself strutting (because in a cape like this a strut is mandatory, don’tcha know) around in it with a cute dress for a couple of December weddings (which are coming up soon!) and the Christmas party for my husband’s work. And my obsession overcomes the concern about fitting in and my brain’s call for practicality. Besides, Vogue patterns are currently on sale on the website–it must be destiny. Or something. πŸ˜‰

P.S. Update on the jeans is coming tomorrow. Today went by so fast I didn’t have time to work on them!! 😯

8 thoughts on “Can I eat my words?

  1. It is a super cute cape. It would be a really nice piece for dressing up. I have had moments where I get all dressed up, feel beautiful and realize that my coat is car length and not nearly as fancy as my dress. I’ve now rectified that, but in university and shortly after when funds were supremely tight and a dressy coat generally not needed, I felt a little odd.


  2. OOh thank you for finding this pattern! I’m obsessed with capes and recently made one, but would like another and I think this fits the bill. I like them to have a belt, that way they look more fitted and shapely than a huge billowing superhero cape πŸ™‚


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