Christmas Party Dress

Sheesh…I must still be on holiday break or something. I’m completely not in the swing of things yet. Anyone else in the same predicament?

I bought Butterick 5559 the other day when Hancock’s was having a 99Β’ sale on Butterick patterns.

I’m going to make it in basic black ponte knit that I remembered having in my stash with the intent of making a different dress. I even bought some fancy metallic thread to see if I can give it a bit of sparkle or something to dress it up a bit. I’m hoping it’s a pattern I can have finished tomorrow, since I hope to wear it to an friend’s wedding this coming weekend and don’t know how much time I’ll have after tomorrow. It doesn’t look like it should be too big of a deal, since it’s only like 4 pieces and a few extra seams, but it will take a bit longer because I always trace off my pieces, obviously I “love” making extra work for myself. πŸ™„ It’s also going to be my Christmas party dress, because the party is next weekend and I want to look a little more like a trophy wife than I typically do. I like to think that my husband would appreciate that sort of thing. πŸ˜‰

In other news, I ended up with a crapload of vintage patterns over the weekend. I don’t know who these women who had them before were, but they had excellent taste. And were a reasonable size too (most are size 16 and up). I’m planning to put them on Etsy (or eBay) as soon as I figure out which ones have all their pieces and whatnot. So far the only ones I’ve noticed that are missing pieces are the ones that have pants…’s as though they felt like they had to throw the pants pieces away to prevent temptation or something. ❓ Anyway, if anyone’s interested, I could link to Etsy once I get some of them put up there….maybe I’ll even give a couple away, just for fun. πŸ™‚


7 thoughts on “Christmas Party Dress

  1. I’ve made it and it’s very nice, very flattering. Check out my posts on it. Note: It’s deceptively time intensive because of the tucks. They take a LONG time to tack. I’d think of making it in a lighter colour so that you can actually see the lovely tucks clearly. I think all that work might fade into the background with a black fabric.

    You can probably do it, and I’m sure it will look great on you in any colour, but you’ll likely be working with focus for the next little while.


  2. I think it’s a great choice, sexy but not actually revealing. It’s not easy to get that in one dress. Good luck with the time crunch.

    Do let us know when you post the patterns. I’m not typically a pattern collector but I’m curious.


    • I don’t consider myself a prude (maybe I am?), but I agree that it’s tricky to find something sexy that isn’t revealing. And sure, I’ll be happy to post a link to the patterns when I get them up…it may be a week or two though, since there are a LOT of them. πŸ™‚


  3. I’m in the middle of making the same dress. I find it very easy to do. Just be sure you mark the fold lines for the tucks on the right side of the fabric. Then just fold on the line and stitch 1/4″ away from the fold. Be sure to stretch as you sew so that stitches will not pop when you put on the dress.


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