Ohhhhh Yeah….

Today’s post is brought to you courtesy of Yello. 😉

This dress might be tedious to mark all the markings and nervewracking to add an FBA to, but holy cripes this thing is gorgeous! It’s a bit snug on my dressform (which is slightly bigger than I am now–woot woot!), but it fits me perfect. 🙂 However, somehow or another I forgot to trace off the facing pieces, so I’ll have to do that and hem it before it’s completely finished. I think I might get to wear it tomorrow after all! Here’s a picture of it on my dressform, I had to lighten the picture up because the fabric is black, but IRL, the details show up surprisingly well.

Look how skinny it makes my dressform!

I am half-tempted to insert a zipper into this thing because I’m seeing it getting stretched out of shape over time from pulling over my head, but I’m just not really sure how to add an invisible zip into the side seam with all those bulky tucks/darts. And besides, I’m excited to wear it, so this iteration will probably have to be zipper-less.

Now that I know how to adjust it, I actually see another one of these in a bright color in my future. 😉

7 thoughts on “Ohhhhh Yeah….

  1. Awesome! I am highly impressed that you managed to alter this pattern. I’m thinking my SBA (when I finally get around to this dress) will consist of taking in the side seams at the bust level. Hope we get to see some modeled photos!


    • I would imagine you can just reverse the pivot/slide method to make the SBA. I don’t know for sure on that though. If you have the Nancy Zieman book (or can get it from the library), I’d bet it’s in there. Good luck!


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