Trying out the Croquis

I tried out my new croquis this evening, “trying on” a couple patterns that I liked. My first one is the Colette Ceylon dress, which I love (and have in my stash), and the other is a Burda pattern from the April 2010 issue of the magazine that I found on BurdaStyle.

Try to pretend that my drawing skills with a mouse aren’t worse than a 5 year old’s. 😉

I’m not sure what’s up with the sizing on these, they were much bigger before the upload??? Anyway, after looking at these, I suspect that the Ceylon is probably not the kind of dress that would flatter my body. The Burda one might though….hubby says that he really likes the off-the-shoulder look on me. I’ve always liked it, but wasn’t sure about it on me (except my wedding dress, and I suppose that it looked fine there.)

Any suggestions on making prettier drawings with no real drawing talent? Yeah, probably not.


4 thoughts on “Trying out the Croquis

  1. Oh, gosh, drawing with a mouse? That’s like hippo ballet! It’s a little easier in vector programs (Inkscape, Illustrator) where you can tweak the lines after. Also you may want to draw one side, copy, paste, and flip to get things symmetrical. Unless you’ve got major asymmetry you’re fitting for, anyway. If you REALLY want to draw on the computer, you need a drawing tablet… The Wacom Bamboo is a good basic one.

    I like the red dress, too!


    • I’m hoping for a tablet for Christmas to do things like draw with a stylus–I think that would be easier. I might check into your suggestions though if my tablet dreams don’t pan out. 😉


  2. No suggestions from me – I still in the pen and paper era!!! But I would like to say that the red dress looks great on your croquis – it seems to show off your waistline nicely. Worth giving a go in the New Year…


  3. Ceylon is a dress I think is really pretty, but I’m not sure how it would work on my body or lifestyle.
    And your drawings are far better than I could do, I’m in a pretty glass house in that respect.


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