Lazy Sunday

First off, I wanted to apologize. My rant the other day was not directed specifically at Bernina (though my husband told me that’s how it sounded). I was lamenting the cost of new machines in general, and it was easy to pick on Bernina since they’re easily the most expensive (and a well-known) brand. If it makes you feel better, my Pfaff was overpriced too, and I’ll admit that I paid too much. Well, some days I think them paying me to take it would have been too much. πŸ™„ πŸ˜‰ I’ve had suggestions of getting a vintage machine, and I have one, maybe I just need to start using it more. After I pony up to get the timing fixed.

I should have my jeans that I started in December(?) finished today and be able to start on my next project. I’m getting to be in dire need of shirt-like garments again. I tried on one of my KS 3593 blouses yesterday and hubby and I both realized that it’s too big. I think my next blouse though will be Vogue 1260 (instead of the Burda JJ for my SWAP):

This was probably one of the first ever patterns where I looked at the line drawing after seeing the uninspiring pattern photo and still said “self, I think you should do this one”. It has two of my favorite features. Princess seams and raglan sleeves. I don’t care for the gathering, but it looks like it should be easy enough to eliminate, so it sounds like a winner to me! Now if I could just figure out what size to make…….

6 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday

  1. I have a little flirtation. Going with this pattern. It woos me, I retreat….I look forward to your version, hoping to learn a little in case I take my relationship to the next level!


  2. Thank you for the book recommendations today! I’m always looking for new authors and I’ve heard really good things about the Dark Hunter series. This top is really cute and I’m with you on the sizing. I never know which one to go with.


    • I think you’ll like them, though taste is always subjective and mine has been known to be questionable. πŸ˜‰ I think I have the size I’m going to use picked out, we’ll just have to see how it goes.


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