The Bathroom Remodel pt 1

This saga might take several posts, but I thought that a good starting point would be to show it as it is now. I spent about an hour last night trying to refresh my brain on how to use Sketchup, and the drawing isn’t perfect, but it’s pretty accurate–the room size and footprints are exact, my drawers/doors and their corresponding handles? Not so much. BTW, I didn’t draw the toilet, I imported it into my drawing courtesy of the good people who draw these types of things up so that we can use them in our plans. I did the rest of it though.

Note: We have a tub/shower, but I didn't know how to draw that.

Feeling claustrophobic yet? This is the bigger of the two bathrooms. πŸ˜‰ In real life, there are walls around the perimeter and a westward-ish facing window between the tub and the toilet.

We know that the subfloor under the toilet and tub need to be completely replaced, and are planning to put a new subfloor in the whole thing. We’re also hoping that we can take the cabinets out carefully enough to reuse them. They are good hardwood cabinets, it seems ridiculous to throw them out if we can avoid it. We’ll also be replacing the drywall–it has those noxious plastic tiles on it (in a hideous shade of pinkish beige no less!) and also the tub surround is a leaky mess.

You can find my inspiration lighting and faucets on my pinterest board here. The shower itself will be a 4″ tall Onyx system, instead of a tub/shower. Our tub is too narrow to take a decent bath in, but I figure a 4″ curb should be enough to bathe a baby in, especially since there will be a hand shower. I think the colors we’re going to use are Winter (for the shower walls) and Constellation (for the shower base and soap holders). We’re thinking of making our bathroom vanity have an onyx top too, possibly withΒ  Constellation as the vanity color and Winter as the sink color (or make it all in Winter with a halo of Constellation–we’re not completely decided yet). The vanity/sink would be all one piece, and therefore easier to clean! πŸ™‚ We’re undecided on the flooring, right now we’re torn between cork and those cute little hexagon tiles (which our neighbors just happen to know how to install!) I think we’ll have that stuff ironed out after this weekend, since hubby has a 3-day weekend for us to get things finalized.

So anyway, now that I’ve bored you to tears, I’ll wish you a great day! πŸ™‚

5 thoughts on “The Bathroom Remodel pt 1

  1. I’m not bored at all. Home reno kind of scare me mostly because of all the work that goes into it. I crumple over the thought of moving stuff out of the room to do it. So, post and believe you me, I will be suitably impressed.

    It may be a small space, but those cupboards sure make me jealous. There is a serious lack of storage space in either of our bathrooms.


    • Thanks! That’s why we hate to throw the the cabinets away! The tall cabinet especially is full all the way to the top! Which, is kind of a pain because I can’t reach up there without a stepstool, but at least I have it. πŸ™‚ I even store stuff in the open space under the counter. If we can’t get them out without tearing them up, I’ll definitely be using them as a template to make new ones.


    • Thanks, I thought it turned out to be a pretty close representation of my bathroom, so I was pretty proud of myself. Good luck with your remodel, maybe you’ll find something via mine that you can use for yours. πŸ™‚


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