Wait, you mean you still sew?!

My hubby asked me that the other day, and I have to say, I’m beginning to wonder. I haven’t done anything since I started (and have yet to finish) altering the V1260 blouse. Getting too caught up in the remodeling stuff, I guess. Reasonable, since it is a pretty big undertaking, but I’m beyond ready for some sit down and sew time. Course that may be a ways away, since I have to finish altering the pattern and then make a muslin and then cut it out in the real fabric barring any freaky issues with the muslin and…….ya’ll know how that goes.

In the meantime, I’m still following blogs, though I’ve had some trouble with Blogger accepting my comments. Something with the word verification is being messed up on some (not all) blogger blogs. 😦 I’ll probably figure it out soon, I hope.

Oh, and I guess I’ve been eyeing patterns. Most notably the Style Arc Linda pants for the SWAP (instead of the jeans/trousers). The idea of elastic waist pants makes me feel a bit older than I am, but I have to face the fact that keeping my pants where they belong is a bit tricky when my waist isn’t shrinking and my hips are. Somehow I suspect that elastic waist pants are going to be sexier than suspenders. πŸ˜‰ And as far as elastic waist pants go, these can be made to look more like trousers or jeans than your average pair of elastic waist pants. The only reason they aren’t already on their way is the extraordinary cost of shipping from Australia. Holy criminy! 😯 It’s basically the same price for two patterns as it is for shipping those two patterns to me!

Anyway, I’ll hopefully have something more interesting to say next week. Right now my brain is frazzled and I’m dreaming about looking at flooring and faucets when I’m not having nightmares about plumbing horrors that might await. I just know one of these times I’m going to be standing in the bathroom asleep dreaming that I’m “testing” out our faucet or something and turning it off and on. I’ve been known to do stuff like that….


4 thoughts on “Wait, you mean you still sew?!

  1. I buy patterns from sewingpatterns.com, at their recent Simplicity .99c sale I bought patterns that cost me $13 and it was $32 to ship! Mail from all over I think is getting pretty ridiculous. I’ve heard Stylearc are good patterns – should try one as the post would be cheap at least!


  2. sometimes it cost more to buy just the pattern than something in store! : i had been having issue commenting as well, i think on blogger blogs. i figured out that they want me to sign in using my user name, not the blog name as before… (only for wordpress i think)


  3. Good luck with all the remodelling. It’s such hard work and it seems to take forever!
    Now and then I have trouble with blogger too. I’ve never figured out how to fix the problem. I am lazy. It always seems that if I wait a few days, the problem sorts itself out.
    I’m tempted by the style arc patterns, but am always put off by the expense of them.


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