Meet V1260 The Shapeless Wonder

Yesterday I took some time and decided to make up a quick-n-dirty muslin of Vogue 1260. I used some horrible polyester something-or-other that I had made hubby some slacks for work in (note: contrary to previous beliefs, life in plastic? Not fantastic.) Since he didn’t think he’d want another pair in that horrid stuff, I decided to use it as muslin even though it was less than ideal. And so, I present to you….

Besides the fact that apparently I accidentally cut one pattern piece in the length for view B instead of view A and that this fabric doesn’t press….at all, there’s a lot of things that don’t really work. So, I’m going to try and snug up the back a bit to follow the contours of my back instead of just hanging straight from my shoulders. Hopefully I can do this without goofing up the midsection of the front which is probably the best fitting part of the whole thing. I may also try putting the side front curves back in. I took them out because that’s what I normally do to make stuff fit my more rectangular shape, but I may not have needed to on this particular blouse. I don’t want skintight, but I would like the blouse to look like it has some sort of feminine shape, and right now it doesn’t seem to have that. I may also take out my 3/4″ FBA–it made the front too wide I think, since the seams don’t run where they’re supposed to, they are too close to my armpits. After that, we’ll have to see what fabric I want to make the “real” version in…or if I want to make it at all.

What would you do? Scrap it and make something I’ve made before? Or work out the kinks and get it right? (Remember, this is for my SWAP which ends in April.)


4 thoughts on “Meet V1260 The Shapeless Wonder

  1. OK, I realize that it’s made with suboptimal fabric here, but I’m not really loving its lines. (I don’t love them in the technical drawing either.) I’m drawn towards the scrap it in favour of a TNT idea. I’m sure though, whatever you decide, it will work out well.


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