…with socks! I was looking around the other day for some patterned thigh high pantyhose, and was opened up to a whole new obsession. I mean, I’ve always had a thing for argyle socks (what’s not to love about argyle socks?!) especially the cute girly ones from Target that fall apart after about 6 washes, ( 😦 ) but I figured that was the end of my obsession. Boy was I wrong. I’ve got a ton of them pinned to my Pinterest board now (currently under “lingerie”, but that may change soon) which you can find by clicking on the “Pinterest Addiction” button in the sidebar. I think I’m going to have to rethink my current stance on skirts/dresses–which in case you didn’t know or had forgotten–is that I’m NOT their biggest fan. I need these socks, people! And the only way to show them off properly is with a skirt/skort/dress. *Sigh*


3 thoughts on “Obsessed

    • I think I’ll probably hold off until I have some more garments suitable to wear them with. In the meantime, maybe my hubby will surprise me with a couple of the ones I picked out. 😉


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