Fabric choice fail

Sometimes I really struggle with achieving that perfect harmony of fabric and pattern. Apparently my version of Jalie 2562 with the chiffon knit is one of those that struck a bad chord. Since the polo style didn’t fly, I attempted to salvage it into a v-neck tee, but in order to get rid of the hole where I accidentally snagged the fabric when picking out some of the older stitches I had to cut a vee that was deeper than I’m comfortable with. šŸ˜¦ Of course, I discovered this after I had already cut the new neckline. A shame really, but what can you do? Oh well, I can still salvage it for lingerie, and it’ll be be cuter for that anyway.

On the upside, I did discover that my alterations for the Jalie polo should work marvelously for a better fabric. šŸ™‚ I nailed the FBA, and I even tried the “easing” method for the bust darts. I was a bit nervous because it looks kind of ugly and wrinkly flat, but it looks pretty normal on. And I forgot to do the swayback alteration. šŸ˜³ So I guess it’s still there, but it looks like an easy fix, and I can probably work out how much to remove on my dressform using the shirt I’ve already sewn most of the way up.

So I guess I’ll pick something else out of my plan and see how badly I can mangle it. šŸ˜‰

5 thoughts on “Fabric choice fail

    • I’m not too heartbroken about the fabric, since it was very inexpensive. But I’m pretty excited about having a polo pattern that fits, since I really like the style as an alternative to a t-shirt. I guess I need to go shopping for some appropriate knits!


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