Burda 12/2011/106 so far…

Here’s where I am on the blouse so far. I basted the black band on so that I could see how it was going to look before committing myself, so the gathers aren’t quite as pretty as I’d like them to be, and I wasn’t sure exactly how to go about the center front portion. So bear that in mind as you look at the pictures.

I could just be being picky, but to me, the back feels a little bit too poofy. I think I can take it in somewhat on the side seams (I have 3/4″ SAs), and that should also tighten up the armscye which I’m concerned looks like it’s a bit big. I’m also trying to figure out how to raise the neckline without ruining my oh-so-pretty pintucks (which were a major PITA to put in on this slippery fabric!) Otherwise, it fits perfectly. So far. But then again, I haven’t put on the lower half yet either….


3 thoughts on “Burda 12/2011/106 so far…

  1. I have been thinking about the neckline on this blouse for myself. Could you insert a v shaped front piece, tapering to nothing at the shoulder? The other option I was considering was a straight across modesty panel.
    It is looking very good.


    • I actually bought a cami tonight to wear under it, which is a win-win, since the fabric is kind of sheer anyway. If you don’t mind a low neckline though, I did end up raising it by overlapping the ends of the center front pieces–but even then it’s still pretty low.


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