Burda 12/2011 Completed

OK, so I’ve spent nearly an hour trying to catch up on blog posts for everyone, so I was lazy and didn’t comment. Sorry. 😳

But, I wanted to take some time to review this pattern, because I really liked how it turned out, though I would suggest some changes to anyone else making this up. I wore it yesterday for my FIL’s acceptance, and it got lots of compliments. 🙂

Here’s my review:

Pattern Description: Quietly Sensual. Pair an utterly feminine blouse with plunging neckline and black contrasting band with a skirt of delicate silk crepe. Oh it’s “plunging” alright–clear down to your freakin’ belly button!

Pattern Sizing: 38-46, I made up the 42, which corresponds to approximately a US size 12.

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it? Well, if you take my changes into account it did.

Were the instructions easy to follow? There were instructions?!? I kid, I kid. No. They suck, as always. But, you’ll be pretty well able to figure it out if you’ve ever made a blouse before.

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern? The style just really tripped my trigger. I love the shape of the band, and I find it to be EXTREMELY flattering to my particular shape (inverted-triangular-apple-ish……oh hell, I don’t know, whatever shape I am!) I also love the tucks–I hated putting them in there–but I love the end result.

I HATE the side zipper. Nothing ruins a floaty fabric quite like a zipper, so I’d recommend putting the zip in the center back next time. I may let out the side seams a smidge and remove the zipper on this version altogether, since I can get the blouse on/off (with some care) without the zipper.

I’m not comfortable with the sheer amount of boobage that would have been on display if I’d have made it as-is. So, to raise the neckline from OMG! to slightly scandalous, I overlapped the portion with the pintucks instead of just meeting them in the middle. I think it looks OK like this, but would probably look weird if you tried to overlap it any farther. I still ended up wearing a cami underneath, but I actually liked the way it looked with a cami under it since the fabric is pretty sheer anyway.

After some head scratching, I figured out the band. You’ll have to read the instructions a couple of times, but you’ll figure it out. TIP: I used wash-away wonder-tape to get that sucker stuck in place to topstitch it down.

Fabric Used: I’ll be honest here. I’m not really sure what this floral fabric is–it’s polyester, and it feels a bit like a textured crepe de chine. It’s surprisingly breathable, and not too bad to wear. The black band is a stretch moleskin, which I did NOT interface because it was already significantly heavier than the floaty floral stuff.

Pattern alterations or any design changes you made: I used the longer layer of sleeves from the 107 dress (which is exactly the same pattern with different sleeves, so this is an easy change) and took all of the ease out them so that they would basically go in flat. I’m not totally sold on the sleeves, they’re kind of froufy for my taste, but I’ll probably get over that in time. Other than that, I raised the neckline as much as I could get away with.

Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others? Actually, I’m already scheming to make it again, probably in a blue plaid silk dupioni with the same moleskin for the band. And yes, I’d absolutely recommend it.

Conclusion: You won’t regret making this blouse, the end result is beautiful and feminine. It made my waist look positively TINY, and that is a miracle in itself. 😉

Whatcha think?


13 thoughts on “Burda 12/2011 Completed

  1. Oh I love your review! Sometimes I feel like people are trying to dazzle me with their knowledge of technical terms and what clever-trousers they are…you just told it like it is- and what it is is quietly sensual! I like this top alot- I need to sew more adult clothing…hmm…


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