A lesson on measuring…

The other day I was trying to make a matching skirt for my new Burda blouse. Perhaps I should have known that this skirt wasn’t going to fit when I a) ran out of fabric and b) held it up to myself and could nearly get it around me (about 1.5 panel worth needed) and I was two panel pieces short. But, I’ve been known to make assumptions too quickly based on that sort of thing, I mentally slapped my hands away from the scissors and ordered some new fabric to get the last two panel pieces.

I cut and sewed the thing together last night (along with the world’s ugliest zipper insertion….I guess I’m only good at installing invisibles?) and here’s where I am today:

New Look 6900 (OOP)

It’s approximately 4″ too big around the waist. So, I’m going to try using 5/8″ seam allowances on the seams and see if that makes a difference (the pattern pieces say to use 3/8″) though I’m wondering if I won’t need to do 3/4″ seams on a couple–the sides, perhaps? One step at a time though, hopefully this will be a cute skirt when it’s all done. And I’ll try to remember to do a better job of measuring the pattern pieces before I cut….I’m so horrible at remembering to do that.


3 thoughts on “A lesson on measuring…

  1. Sometimes blogs can give the impression that every project is wonderful and perfect and it’s just not the way reality is. Better to end up with too much skirt that you can take in than too little. With all those seams you should end up with a nice skirt in the end.


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