Skirt & ruffles

I took up the skirt from the other day, I now have 7/8″ seam allowances on every seam but the sides–those have 1″ seam allowances. It fits, but it’s still not terribly fitted. Thing is, now that I’ve got it there, I’m not in love with the shape on me. 😦 I can’t decide, but I think that it’s because I took in the seam allowances all the way down, instead of just going down to the flare. Unfortunately, I serged off the seam allowances without thinking, so I can’t let it back out. It’s hemmed, and just needs some twill tape to finish the waistband, and then I suspect it’s going to go straight to Goodwill. I think it will fit someone’s lifestyle and shape, just not mine. I did reinsert the zipper, and it looks much nicer the second time around. πŸ™‚

While I’m waiting for the twill tape, I started preparing some of that ruffle fabric. I bought some the other day (along with a lot of other fabric–naughty, naughty!) and couldn’t wait to start into working on it. So far, I’ve glued down every. single. ruffle. on my one yard piece as recommended. It’s been tedious, but I’m hoping the end result will be worth it. I’m hoping to copycat the basic idea from Lladybird, though I’ll confess I don’t actually own the Renfrew top pattern. I am going to be doing some modification of Kwik Sew 3497, View C. I decided to stick with a pattern I knew fit, since the ruffle fabric is one of the most expensive fabrics I’ve ever bought. And that way it can count as part of my swap. πŸ™‚ Currently I have the pieces altered and cut out and a muslin sewn together. I’m thinking of adding a bottom band, so the current muslin isn’t what I’m going for. 😦 I wanted a bit more flutter, so I think I’ll probably trace out a larger size instead of my normal one (not sure what I was thinking there….) However, I nailed the V-neck portion–it’s exactly where I want it.

The muslin

The back is pretty standard for a sleeveless t-shirt, but I’m throwing around the idea of making it a racerback. Showing bra straps aside, I think it would look kind of cool to have the racerback in fluttery fabric.

What do you think?


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