Days like today make me forget about all the things that are really great about my life. My son was acting bratty, our power was out, and it was a bit cool for not having a heater. But you know what? I should have been thankful instead that the guys worked as hard and fast as they did to get things back up and running so quickly. Oh sure, they get paid to do that job, but that doesn’t mean that they couldn’t choose to slack off. I should have been thankful that I live in town where the water runs whether the power is on or not–growing up in the country that was a luxury we didn’t always have. I should have been thankful that the temps outside weren’t freezing. I should be thankful that our neighbors let us borrow their generator to cool our fridge back down–they could have easily not offered. And lastly, I should be thankful that even though my son wasn’t being a model for excellent behavior today, he’s a darn good kid 99% of the time, which probably makes it even harder for me to accept when he’s being bratty.

And I suppose now that the power is back on and I’m sitting here writing this post with the lights on, I realize that I am thankful for all those things and so many other little blessings. I’m just not always the best at showing it or remembering it when times aren’t quite so good.

I had planned to have a new muslin to show today, but for obvious reasons it didn’t happen, so hopefully tomorrow. May everyone be safe and warm tonight!


4 thoughts on “Grateful…

  1. Well put. I often consider how lucky we are to live in rich countries at this time in human history. We are warm, well fed, have clean water on demand and medical care. It sounds trite, but most of humanity for most of human history have led diseased, dirty, cold, hungry lives. Average folks like us now live better than kings!


  2. Good for you! And I hope the coming days are smoother—no heat or power is pretty unnerving in the winter. (I’m going to put “glad my heat doesn’t go off when the power does” on my grateful list, too…)


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