*Yawn* AKA matching plaids

It looks a bit wrinkled, but I'm OK with that. It's not nearly so bad in person.

See what I’m doing? (Tutorial here, in case you need it.) It’s tedious and boring, but I’m hoping that the end result is something that I’m going to love. If not, it’ll be the most expensive screw up in my entire sewing career. Because that fabric up there? That’s silk. Oh sure, it’s dupioni, which is not really a favorite texture and is probably the cheapest of the silks, but it’s still not cheap. And I’ve been hoarding it for a couple of years now. So this had better work out. It’s going to become the second version of that Burda 12/2011-106 blouse, except this time it will be sleeveless. Which reminds me, I should probably do a mockup to see about altering the armscyes so that they aren’t quite so big this time around…since there won’t be sleeves to hide that fact.


3 thoughts on “*Yawn* AKA matching plaids

    • I can’t blame you! But, I’m such a sucker for a plaid…they pull me in and I’m powerless to resist them. Stripes are easy peasy though. Or at least the ones I’ve used were. 🙂


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