Note: No yeti were harmed in the making of this post.

Plastication complete. You know that saying about you can fix anything with duct tape or J.B. Weld? No? Well, perhaps it’s a local thing. It’s true though. You can fix pretty much anything with duct tape, and J.B. Weld pretty much covers everything else…. For example, I fixed the Shower From Hell (this really needs a glowing red font of some sort) with some plastic sheeting and duct tape. So now, when we get started, this is what we will be stepping into:

"Now we're steppin' into the twilight zone"....

Crap, now that song is stuck in my head. 🙄 Anyway, after the plastic went up, I turned on the water to check for any yeti clogging the drain. Happily, there were none. Not so happily, I am an idiot because I didn’t think about there being junk in the lines, so I had to take off the shower head and clean the filter on it while the shower ran headless for a while to clear the lines. Let this be a lesson to you. It’s less work if you just leave the darn thing off and flush the line first. Really, that goes for any fixture that hasn’t ran a month or more, just take the filter off and let it flush out the junk. After the rust and/or sand is cleared, then you can put the filter back on. And you should probably clean those filters periodically even if you are using the fixture, because that buildup is bad news for your faucets. <–Tip of the Day.

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