Slow and steady wins the race….supposedly

You remember that fable about the tortoise and the hare? I think we’re more tortoise-y than anything, but progress is being made. The place we bought our light fixture from let us return it (albeit grudgingly) and so we just got two smaller versions of the one we had (well, they’re on order…we’ll have them in 3 weeks or so). Not exactly what I had envisioned in the beginning, but the idea is starting to grow on me.

On the good news front, most of our subfloor is OK! 🙂 We only needed to patch two places, one of which was under the toilet, so that was a bit of a fun challenge to cut the hole for the pipe. The guy I borrowed the jigsaw from probably isn’t going to get it back–I’m in lurve with this thing–it’s so quiet, smooth, easy to use, made in America, and unfortunately, no longer made because the manufacturer decided that they needed to “update” it. 😦 I don’t know why they take a beautifully functioning design and give it an overhaul that pretty much screws it up instead of making it better. <– Bonus peeve! 😉 So anyway, the subfloor (because it’s so EXCITING!!) It’s a bit thinner than standard (5/8″ instead of 3/4″), but it’s been there for almost 50 years and no one/nothing has fallen through yet. Plus the overlayment will add another 1/2″, so I think it should surely be sufficient.

Tonight we should be able to get the underlayment layer down (especially if I get off the freakin’ internet and get to measuring/cutting!) and they’ll come in tomorrow and install our shower. Which means we’ll be able to use it! Hooray! There will be more gray tape and plastic sheeting in my future, but I’m totally OK with that as long as our bathroom starts to be usable again!

In sewing news: my poor sewing room is a disaster zone because it houses the access for the tub/shower in the bathroom we’re working on. 😦 I’ve got pieces of rotted/blackened wood and sawdust everywhere. 😦 So, I’m sewing vicariously through all the bloggers I follow for a while, and probably even for a while after we’re done with the remodel while I do the cleanup.


5 thoughts on “Slow and steady wins the race….supposedly

  1. What Karin said! And good for you for rolling with the punches.

    When my parents renovated their bathroom in the late 90s, we discovered that someone at some point had moved the tub from one side of the room to the other. When they did this, of course, they had to move the plumbing. However, some pesky floor joists were in the way. They just sawed big chunks out of them. So the huge, 1911, 13″ tall by 3″ wide floor joists had been cut through to less than 1/2″ of wood left at the bottom, which had long since cracked, so there was basically a big gap in the middle of all these joists. At least they found it and were able to fix the problem before, say, the whole house broke in the middle. Aiee. (Yes, this was the same renovation that brought on my Centipede Encounter. For six weeks the only shower in the house was the concrete thing in the basement, which frankly looks like it came right out of Auschwitz. And it had centipedes)

    You shall overcome! And good luck hanging on to the jigsaw 🙂


    • Our basement shower looks like something from Auschwitz too–with bonus plastic to prevent further rotting! 😮 No centipedes though. And yeah, we considered moving our plumbing too, but we also had a mess with the joists, so we took the smart path and left well enough alone. Does our shower drain a bit slow because it has an S trap instead of a P trap? Yes. Is there a chance that our floor is going to buckle? No. The tradeoff is worth it. I’m just glad that your parents found that and could get it fixed, but if your parents’ budget was like ours is now you guys probably ate a lot of rice and beans for a while to help offset the cost. 😉 I know we would be if we’d had something like that.

      Yeah, the owner of the jigsaw just laughed when I told him that he might not get it back. 😉


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